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scientists they couldnt fix me im so tired of getting out of bed..
Have you ever watched anyone just breathe before. Damn..people think I am insane for staying with him. I have been hearing that for 6 years. But people can't understand what they don't see. He is so beautiful. God but so ugly. He just kills me to the core..but makes me feel more alive than anyone before. He just blows my mind. How come every one of my girlfriends fuck him behind my back. It has beem years since he has cheated..why now..why with a 17 yr old..why in my bed..he tells me its just cause she is a slut. When are the sluts gonna disappear..I have been daling with them for years. I love him. Why does he still hold me. And tell me how much he loves me. Why did I never notice. We have sex everyday..even when he is cheating. Now I have to go get tested. He makes me feel so ugly. People that love eachother don't make them feel like that. I love him so much and I thought I proved that. I am sick of proving myself. I am exhausted. I take care of a 3 yr old. Aside from the last month I had a job working constantly. I mean fuck.
I told him tonight after we made love that I am falling out of love with him. He makes me sick and he needs help. He just pretends I never say things and loves on me like his dick wasn't in someone else 2 weeks ago.
What am I gonna do. I am so sick of being on edge. I just want to feel ok.

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he really does need to get help. i think you should ask him to get help. explain to him when you get your help, you're going to be a different more confident self loving (even more) honest human being after all of this. you don't need to go to treatment worrying about him doing it again. he really needs therapy. i love brian, i love you, but he really needs help. he can't go on doing this to you forever. he married you for a reason and he needs to understand that because there will be one day where he does it and you aren't going to be able to take it anymore. just keep on going heather, do what makes you happy. everyone telling you to dump him, they don't understand what it's like to be with someone for 6 years. knowing that persons every single move, every breath, everything. 6 years is a lot longer than anyone can understand unless theyve been there. you do what makes you happy, not brian, not anyone else. when it all boils down to it, you're still a human being, with feelings and a heart and he needs to grow up and stop doing this to you because you treat him like a king. he needs to treat you like a queen and respect you, and your body. <3

I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through that. That's a really rough situation. That's not fair to you, himself, or both of your marriage. The girl's never disappear hun. There is always going to be some girl out there who is going to try and make a move. He has to realize that it's being a husband that is supposed to keep him from all that. I hope that somehow some way you find a way through it all. You've been through so much. Hope things get better and brighter for you.

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