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13 May
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!!!, adult, anthony burgess, aphex twin, art, at the drive in, at the drive-in, atari teenage riot, avenue d, beer, blow out, boys in eyeliner, bret easton ellis, bright eyes, broken spindles, casey spooner, chai, chicks on speed, cigarettes, club kids, clubs, concerts, concord dawn, court tv, david lynch, death cab for cutie, devo, digital hardcore, digital photograpy, dillinja, disco bloodbath, drum n bass, edgar allen poe, electro, electro punk, electroclash, existenz, figurine, fischerspooner, funk punk, gabber, geek boys, goldfrapp, gravy train!!!!, green velvet, h.r. giger, hair and shit, hair?, hate, heatherette, hella, henry rollins, hip bones, holy molar, homestarrunner, hong kong counterfeit, horror films, hurbert selby jr, ima jhonen vasquez, imarobot, indie, interpol, john waters, johnny the homocidal maniac, jonathan antin, kid 606, kid a, kiss, ladytron, le tigre, lesbians on ecstacy, long streaming paragraphs, mount sims, movies, mt sims, neon blonde, new wave, nonconformists, not listingsex asaninterest, oh!, open veins, panic! at the disco, party monster, peaches, pink grease, psychological thrillers, punk, radiohead, richie rich, road trips, rocky horror picture show, salvador dali, say anything, scratchedup recordsthatare kept forthelabel, serial killers, squarepusher, squee, stanley kuberick, steril, story of o, strong bad, sushi, sylvia plath, synth, technical itch, teen girl squad, terror firmer, the advantage, the arctic monkeys, the blood brothers, the cheat, the faint, the locust, the mars volta, the neon judgement, the postal service, the rapture, the soft pink truth, the water, tim burton, trans am, traver, true crime, venetian snares, vitalic, xiu xiu amanda lepore